Friday, March 20, 2015

Paine Field March 20

WE035 Air France 777 F-GZNP was flown on a B1 flight yesterday, today it was ferried to Victorville for painting. HZ-MF9 is parked at the fuel dock.

WE005 ANA 777 JA790A back from a C1 customer flight.

WF118 Saudia Cargo 777F HZ-AK71 was moved to the compass rose for a maintenance engine run.

HZ-AK71 first flight was on January 22.

FedEx 767 N117FE delivery flight to Memphis.

WE537 Turkish Airlines 777 TC-JJY back from the Victorville paint hangar.

Seats are being installed on Virgin Atlantic 787-9 line 296 on the 40-51 apron.

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