Friday, January 9, 2015

Paine Field January 9

A Virgin Atlantic 787-9 was moved out of the factory last night and parked on the 40-51 apron.

VT565 FedEx 767 N112FE returning from a C1 flight with a leading edge slat asymmetry problem.

VT566 FedEx 767 N113FE inbound for a touch and go and departure to Victorville. The B1 was marred by an EICAS message stating the auto speed brake function may not work on landing.

WE504 China Airlines 777 B-18055 low approach during a C1 customer flight.

ZA616 Air Canada 787-8 C-GHQQ will be ferried from Boeing Field to Charleston on Saturday. Photo by Russell Hill.

 747-8i line 1515 for Air China was moved to the final body join position in the 40-22 today.

777X fuselage assembly building.

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  1. Thanks! Any 787s first flights scheduled for upcoming days?


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