Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paine Field August 20

ZB167 United Airlines 787-9 N38950 back from a test flight. Photo by Royal S King.

RC641 Silk Way Airlines 747-8F VQ-BVB back from a customer demo flight. RC642 VQ-BVC is scheduled for a C1 customer flight on Thursday.

ZA695 Royal Jordanian 787 JY-BAA back from a C1 customer flight.

ZA220 Jetstar Airways 787-8 VH-VKG departing on a C3 customer flight.

RC051 Korean Air 747-8i line 1506 was rolled out of the 40-22 to the fuel dock tonight. RC067 747-8i for Air China is scheduled to roll out on September 10.


  1. Matt,
    Thanks for the nice picture of the last 747-8 roll-out (L/N1506-RC051-KAL))
    Do you know the roll-out date of L/N1505-RC564-CAT), I missed that one .


  2. I missed that too, July 31 was the scheduled rollout date.

  3. How do you know when the planes are rolling out

  4. Matt: Love your site, watch it often. But I am always puzzle by the codes for the flights. Are they posted somewhere?
    I know a B1 is the first flight, but the rest?

  5. B1...Boeing first flight
    C1...customer first flight

    B2, 3, 4, etc or C2, 3, 4 as necessary. Once the B flights are complete the C flights start.


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