Friday, May 16, 2014

Paine Field May 16

RC035 Lufthansa D-ABYP was taken out for a low speed taxi test this afternoon, the 1500th 747 then went back to the stall.

D-ABYP was rolled out of the factory on April 24.

British Airways G-ZBJE delivery flight to London tonight.

G-ZBJE rolled out of the factory on March 18.

ZA136 ANA JA829A back from a B2/incomplete B1 flight.

ZA579 Norwegian 787 EI-LNF is scheduled for a functional check flight on Saturday.

The last of the 787 mural is being removed from the factory doors.


  1. Hi Matt - do you know any more about the mural being removed? Is it just the 787 one or the full mural? Any news about possible replacements?

    1. They are re-doing the mural for the 100th anniversary coming up in 2016

  2. Is anyone aware of the (long) list of items examined and tested during a typical B1 flight? My information suggests that most (complete) B1s run 2.0 - 2.5 hours. I'm thinking that this time must be extremely busy for all aboard. Does anyone have a list of what systems are checked and how the proof checks are done? Thanks.


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