Saturday, December 21, 2013

Paine Field December 21

ANA 787 JA827A at the Boeing Everett Modification Center.

ANA 787 JA825A was moved from the flightline to the EMC this afternoon.


A 787 from the flightline was moved to the EMC on Friday.


  1. JA825A looks like a -9, and 827A looks like an -8. Suresh has them the other way round. JB

    1. Both are 788. JA827A is LN147 ZA124; JA825A is LN148 516. LN146 ZB197 should be still unpianted, inside EMC.

    2. they are both -8's, if you look at Uresh's table, 825A is LN147 and 827A is LN 148. LN 146 is the -9 which has not been given a reg# in his table as of 12/23/13

  2. Both are -8s.

    To tell the difference, just count the number of windows between the first two doors.

    Though in the case of JA825A, one window is missing in the middle compared to JA827A's eight windows.


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