Monday, October 28, 2013

Paine Field October 28

RC525 NCA JA15KZ back from storage at Pinal Airpark. RC605 AirBridgeCargo 747-8F VQ-BRJ is scheduled to be ferried from Marana to Everett on Tuesday.

RC524 NCA JA14KZ is scheduled for a functional check flight on Tuesday.

RC573 N770BA ready to depart on a test flight with the FAA.


787-9 ZB002 was moved from stall 119 to stall 107 this afternoon.


787 line 151 wing set at the Dreamlifter Operations Center was moved to the factory tonight.

ZA650 Norwegian 787 EI-LNC is scheduled for a B1 flight on Tuesday.


  1. Do you think the FAA flight on the 747-8 was to test the Extra Fuel Tank?

  2. Do you know what time ZA650 flew on Tuesday? Is it possible to view the flight path on Flight Aware?


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