Friday, September 27, 2013

Paine Field September 27

ZA562 Aeromexico N964AN back from a test flight.

ZA381 China Southern Airlines B-2726 returning from Grant County Airport.

ZA382 China Southern Airlines B-2727 departing on a test flight.

ALLEN03 LX-N90459 stopped by for a touch and go on the way to Boeing Field.

Two TLD trucks on the way to the new Dreamlifter Operations Center. TLD manufactured the DBL-110, the large cargo loader for the Dreamlifter.

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  1. I found answers to the question from a couple months back "...why do the Boeing photogs always shoot into the sun...?"

    1. If it's a customer/delivery photo, many customers do not wish to see their competitors liveries on the sea of tails in the background, and apparently there is never any retouching of customer photos. Thus shooting from west to east will never be an option for a customer photo utilizing 16R. If the flight is scheduled for a time where the lighting or the weather is less than optimal, that's just how it is and the Boeing photog has to figure it out and ace it regardless.

    2. That said, I am advised that most of the photogs seen out there are from Engineering, not the official Boeing photogs. My sources have no insight into their activities.


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