Monday, October 29, 2012

Paine Field October 29

China Southern Airlines B-2727 was moved to the compass rose for an engine run this afternoon.
Update October 31: B-2727 has been moved from the flightline to the Paine Field south ramp. Boeing has been storing some of the early model 787s there.

Hainan Airlines B-2728/N1006F on the flightline.

Air China B-2035 was moved to Kilo North for a delivery ceremony.

Philippine Airlines RP-C7774 ready to depart Portland on a ferry flight to Paine Field on October 28. In the background is FedEx N889FD, just arrived from KPAE for painting. Photo by CJ Lebel.

ZA270 LOT Polish Airlines SP-LRA begins a high speed taxi after returning from Grant County Airport.

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