Friday, August 31, 2012

Paine Field August 31

ZA288 United Airlines N20904 departing on a test flight.

RC506 Cargolux LX-VCF takeoff on a B2 flight.

Emirates A6-EGZ taxis to 34L for a B1 flight.

UPS N353UP delivery flight to Indianapolis.

N930HB Experimental went on a test flight this afternoon then returned to ATS Hangar 2.

TAM Airlines PT-MUF back from the Portland paint hangar.

PT-MUF off PDX for Paine Field this morning. Photo by Phil Hyde.

LAN Airlines CC-BBA at Kilo North before a delivery flight to Santiago.

CC-BBA and Wolfe Air Aviation N49WA departed on a one hour VFR photo flight before the 787 went to SCEL.

CC-BBA landing at SCEL. Photo by Nelson Chávez MonteAlegre / VORTEXX Magazine.


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