Friday, June 22, 2012

Paine Field June 22

WC586 Asiana Airlines HL8254 taxis to 16R for a B1 flight.

Qatar Airways A7-BCB by Lee A. Karas.
Run fences and booths are in place for an engine run.

Korean Air Cargo HL8252 initial engine run at the compass rose.

An Air India 787 was moved from the flightline to Runway 11-29 this afternoon.

787 line 49 at the fuel dock.

PJ691 P-3C 161412 was in the pattern for about an hour this morning.

ZA509 ANA 787 JA812A was flown on a customer flight this afternoon.

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  1. Great pics Matt!
    Any ones from this weekend's line move?


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