Monday, November 21, 2011

Paine Field November 21

747-8I RC001 arrived in Everett on Friday, today it went back to Boeing Field with a new paint scheme.

Engines were run for the first time on BA World Cargo 747-8F G-GSSF.

Boeing flightline. Korean Air 777 HL8218 is at the Delivery Center, it was flown to Incheon this afternoon.

November 21, 2007. Cathay Pacific B-KPD did a low approach then came back for a full stop to complete a B1 flight.

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787 technicians did some radio checks on ZA116 JA805A this afternoon.


  1. Well, it's clearly not for aesthetic reasons. Does anyone here know why this was done?

  2. Does anyone knows why does this was made to RC001?

  3. My guess is that they are going to perform water spray testing. That requires a red dye wash to be painted on the airplane in the areas where spray may impinge. Then they taxi the airplane at speed through a shallow water tank and observe where the spray washes off the red dye. Obviously that wouldn't work too well with the original red paint scheme.

  4. I would suggest its not a red dye...maybe unfinished or run out of paint?

  5. Is it even paint, or something covering it? You can still see the word "Boeing" underneath one of the sections.

  6. Is it just new engines that smoke the way that BA World Cargo picture is? There's another shot like that in an older post. I only expect that much smoke if it's going to chug to life like a B-17.


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