Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paine Field October 11

ALLEN 02 E-3C 82-0007 did a touch and go this evening then went to Boeing Field. The AWACS departed BFI this morning and conducted some AHARS testing, did some comm checks with the Avionics Integration Lab in Seattle, Satcom testing with Western Air Defense Sector on CONAR 3, and an emitter signal scenario with the FSQ at NAS Whidbey Island before arriving at Paine Field.

WF113 Qatar Airways A7-BFC returning from a B1 flight.

Emirates A6-EGG delivery flight to Dubai.

WE153 Air China B-2086 departing on a customer flight.

Boeing flightline.

* * * * * *
VHF radio and selcal checks (CR-HM) were conducted on 747-8F RC551 this morning.

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