Friday, October 15, 2010

Paine Field October 15

Malaysia Airlines 9M-MXA touch and go.

Ethiopian Airlines 737 Touch and Go from Matt Cawby on Vimeo.

Ethiopian Airlines ET-ANZ touch and go.

Turkish Airlines 777 Landing from Matt Cawby on Vimeo.

Turkish Airlines TC-JJF returning from the Portland paint hangar.

Dreamliner Five N787FT in stall 101.

Southwest Airlines 737 Takeoff from Matt Cawby on Vimeo.

Southwest Airlines N916WN just out of ATS Hangar 1 for a flight to Seattle.

Boeing LCF Takeoff from Matt Cawby on Vimeo.

N780BA to Wichita.


  1. What is that bump on the fuselage in front of the tail? Never seen that on a SWA bird.

  2. A Virgin Blue 73W stopped thru HNL from Down Under to PAE. Is that a 73W for WN?


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