Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paine Field September 2

BOEING 503 N5573S arrived from Palmdale and was parked on the Boeing flightline.

BOEING 521 N5017Q landed and went to the end of the runway for brake configuration before departing for Boeing Field, eventually arriving a few minutes past 8 pm.

See exclusive landing photos from Royal S. King here.

A Japan Airlines 787 was moved from the paint hangar to the flightline on August 31. There are now 15 787s on the flightline.

N787FT landed and then departed for Boeing Field.

Qatar Airways A7-BAL first flight.


  1. Look forward to BAL's arrival and to fly it somewhere to one of our many destination ;-)

  2. BOEING 503 N5573S arrived from Palmdale.


    Please take a close look at the H Stab tips, especially the RH one. The vertical fluttering after the puff of static discharge and rubber smoke from the mains after the landing. It's very obvious.

    Those GEnx are winners of engines. May they sell like burgers!


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