Friday, August 6, 2010

787 Production Slowdown?

This 787 nose section sits on the Boeing Everett flightline after being unloaded from an LCF on the evening of August 3. Normally, 787 components are moved to the 40-36 building immediately after being unloaded. Three days on the flightline may be an indication that there is no room for parts at the back of the 787 assembly line.

Boeing Everett Flightline

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  1. Hey Matt : William Plaz , What is going on up there in Everett WA . All those B 787 with no jet engines . I was there in 1982 and saw the first 25 B767-200s some with and some under going JT9D install , but in your latest videos no engines on any B 787s . No flying today ? How many B 787 are out there now ? and where does the Boeing Tour take you ? Thank you for your great work and your last E mail , enjoyed the Colombia River walk and I like Trains too ! You and your dog take care bye ! 080610


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