Friday, April 10, 2015

Paine Field April 10

ZA822 American Airlines 787-8 N805AN departing on a B1 flight.

ZA821 American Airlines 787-8 N804AN is scheduled for a B1 flight on Saturday.

ZB021 787-9 line 139 was moved from the flightline to the fuel dock today.

WE035 Air France 777 F-GZNP/N5023Q departing on an engineering flight.

ANA 787-9 JA837A came out of the 45-04 paint hangar last night.

Seats are being installed on Vietnam Airlines 787-9 line 303.


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  1. Matt, great pix of a busy week and thanks. If you can, what is the difference between a "B1 Flight" and an "Engineering Flight?" Thanks. -Craig