Monday, March 4, 2013

Paine Field March 4

VR287 UPS N356UP back from a B1 flight.

Cargolux LX-VCH at the compass rose this afternoon.

There was an engine run on LOT Polish Airlines SP-LRC today.

* * * *
Jon Talton at the Seattle Times had an interesting editorial last week: Boeing's Apology Tour.

"I’m waiting for the Jim McNerney apology tour in America. It might go something like this: “To Boeing’s shareholders, customers, vendors and, especially, employees, I’m deeply sorry that we — and I regret to say this includes my predecessor, St. Alan Mulally — attempted to build the world’s most advanced airliner on the cheap, with an untested and reckless outsourcing program that led to repeated delays, finally grounding, and putting the very future of the company at risk. I deeply regret the weak corporate governance that allowed this, and as a result I will give up the title of chairman to an independent director. I will ask all the directors to resign and appoint only those who pass a medical exam that shows they have a spine. I will give up all of my compensation for the past five years and if the 787 isn’t flying flawlessly this year, I will resign as chief executive…"

ZA001 in the Everett factory six months after the July 2007 rollout.

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