Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paine Field March 12

Boeing Large Cargo Freighter N718BA starts engines for a flight to Japan to pick up 787 wings.

Shortly after N718BA departed Paine Field this afternoon the flight crew reported an abnormal vibration, an open nose gear door indication, and loss of number one hydraulic system. After declaring an emergency with ATC the LCF flew around Puget Sound to dump fuel, then did a low pass down the runway so that FAA tower controllers could confirm the gear was down. The aircraft came back for a landing and was towed to the Boeing ramp.

Gear down and locked, cleared to land.

N718BA route of flight while dumping approximately 175,000 pounds of fuel.

Emergency crews standby at the compass rose. Photo by Leland R. Dart MyEverettNews.com

N718BA is towed to the Boeing ramp after landing.

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