Monday, July 13, 2015

Paine Field July 13

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ZA482 Qatar Airways 787-8 A7-BCW back from a B1 flight.

WE457 China Eastern Airlines 777 B-2022 was ferried to Portland for painting.

An-124 RA-82081 landed this morning and was parked at the Boeing north gate.

N5020K the first 777F begins a taxi test on July 13, 2008. First flight was on July 14.


  1. The second photo is absolutely brilliant. Look forward to more like it.

  2. Matt!!! Pic #2 was outstanding!!!! To get both a/c lined up that way says you, My Friend, are the Master!!!!! I remove my hat for you oh great Wizard of the Clicker!!! Vincent

  3. I have never seen An-124 RA-82081 plane, wow such a big one :O

  4. I've tried to donate 4 times on different days and keep getting the following message:
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  5. Too bad.......
    I really liked yor site (as it was)

  6. I guess it's not going to be weekly after all