Saturday, June 13, 2015

Paine Field June 13

Kuka Systems facility at 6300 Merrill Creek Parkway. The German robot builder is working with Boeing to automate 777 fuselage assembly.

Kuka is already installing equipment in the 40-27 777X fuselage assembly building.

Boeing now owns the old Intermec building at 6001 36th AV W. Skanska USA is demolishing the interior and the 7-36 will be remodeled. The south parking lot is being used by Hoffman Construction for 777X construction crews.
Dirt is still being moved at the 45-012 777X static test building site.

Sometimes when airplane parts are damaged an Antonov is dispatched to Paine Field with replacement parts if regular rail transport would slow the assembly line.

ZB081 Etihad Airways 787-9 A6-BLE departing on a B1 flight. Video by OwnsGermany.


  1. Wow! Hard to believe the big Intermec facility was abandoned. Do you know if this was due to Honeywell purchasing the company? Thanks for posting info like this to your blog, Boeing certainly has been developing a lot of Everett this Spring.

  2. An amusing video. I'm surprised that the JetBlue (Airbust) was not arrested for trespassing !
    Is deploying the RAT a normal part of a 787-9, B-1 flight, or did they have an electrical or hydraulic problem?