Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paine Field June 25

Silk Way Airlines 747-8F VQ-BVB out of the 45-01 paint hangar.

WE078, the last  British Airways 777 to be built, line 1221 G-STBL ready to roll out of the 40-23.

WE139 Turkish Airlines 777 line 1222 TC-JJS in the 40-25. WE398 China Southern Airlines line 1223 is next.

A 737 wing panel fastening machine manufactured by Electroimpact is loaded on a rail car at the Everett rail terminal and will be transported to the Mount Baker Terminal. From there it will be barged to Renton.

The machine was moved from Electroimpact across the Mukilteo Speedway to the Everett rail terminal on June 24.


The Mount Baker Terminal.


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