Monday, May 5, 2014

Paine Field May 5

ZA579 Norwegian EI-LNF back from a B1 flight.

Wingset for 787-8 line 207 was moved from the Dreamlifter Operations Center to the factory this afternoon.

Thai Airways 787 line 190 was rolled out of the factory to the 40-51 apron tonight.

Lufthansa 747-8i line 1500 D-ABYP at the fuel dock.

D-ABYP was rolled out of the factory on April 24.


  1. Hello Matt,

    Any pictures yet of 747-830 L/N1500 for Lufthansa in her (adapted?) livery.
    According your twitter blog she left the paint hangar at May 2 around 10.00 PM.

    Thanks for your excellent coverage of the movements at KPAE,


  2. And where is the first B747-8i for Air China.?

  3. Thanks for the fun blog. I don't know how you manage the shots that to get - and I'm not asking. Great stuff!!
    Congratulations on the great shots of 747-LN1500 for LH, the pained and unpainted D-ABYP. Sadly, the 74 line will close within a few years, but oh, what a run!!
    I also enjoyed the great shot of the Wing Transporter (pic #2) moving wings from Dreamlifter Operations to the assenbly floor. That is a one-off or two-off machine, but what a beast she is. Yes, I CAN imagine racing down the taxiways and utility roads at 4 MPH, considering the weather and yes, it would be fun to drive such a thing. Excluding the lead and follow cars, how may folks are necessary to operate this handsome machine? Does Boeing use the same transporters (with different supporting structures, of course) to move body tubes, or are they a wholly different vehicle. The logistics behind assembling a Big Airplane never cease to boggle my simple mind. Your pix are fun and I often wonder how you manage such great shots on a regular basis. You've obviously got some A++ on-lot access from Boeing. Thanks and please continue... -CG


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