Thursday, September 12, 2013

Paine Field September 11

787-9 line 2 in the 40-24.

British Airways G-STBH was moved from the factory to the paint hangar.

Garuda 777 at the fuel dock.


LAN Airlines CC-BBD back from a B1 flight. Photo by Royal S King.

British Airways G-ZBJD B1 flight. Photo by Royal S King.


  1. Another wonderful post and thanks. Hmm, just once would you please post a decoding table so the slow, idiot-like folks like can figure our what airplane is? No joke; it took me six months to understand that "ZA," was a 788, and it quickly fit that "ZB," is a 789.
    What to these "Z" codes mean and why are they used so much. Thanks.

  2. I prefer to identify the airplanes with registration numbers but the two 787-9s don't have those yet.