Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paine Field November 13

WE231 Saudi Arabian Airlines HZ-AK16 did a taxi test then went back to the Boeing ramp.

ZA538 LAN Airlines 787 CC-BBC did a taxi test this evening then went back to the Boeing ramp.

Southwest Airlines N8324A departing on a flight to Phoenix.

A 787 was moved from the flightline to the south ramp tonight.

N757A inbound for a touch and go.

RAPTOR 57 was used to test F-22 avionics in coordination with the Avionics Integration Lab at Boeing Field.

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LCF N718BA inbound to Paine Field from Charleston tonight delayed northwest of Paine while the crew considered diverting to Boeing Field. There was an asymmetry issue with the flaps and they needed a long runway. On approach to Boeing Field the flap problem fixed itself and the LCF turned north and landed at Paine. Listen to the ATC communications here.


  1. The evening 787 movement looks like the unpainted Hainan bird (LN 79)

  2. Leaving the UW basketball game last night I was shocked to see an LCF flying northbound east of campus in and out of the clouds at low altitude with airplanes headed into SEA going over the top of it--now I know. Thanks

  3. I like to watch them on approach to Paine over my house in Mountlake Terrace, very impressive at night.