Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paine Field August 16

ZA182 Japan Airlines JA828J taxis to 34L for a B1 flight.

Line 44 in Bay 4 of the EMC.

Boeing's prototype USAF KC-767 is being disassembled on the South Ramp.

China Southern B-2727 at the fuel dock. John Hull at Teague designed the livery, based on an egret.

LAN Airlines CC-BDG delivery flight to Mexico City.

Change Incorporation/Refurbishment truck.

United Airlines 787 at the EMC.

TAM Airlines PT-MUE ready to depart on a test flight.

N718BA inbound from Charleston with a 787 aft fuselage section.

Flying Heritage Collection's IL-2 Shturmovik.


  1. Any idea what is going to happen to the KC767? Or is it just scrapped?

  2. The fuselage sections was trucked over to the rail terminal today, the small pieces were loaded into a scrap truck.

  3. What was the LN for the KC767 prototype? It was obviously a passenger plane before.

  4. Oh and thanks for all your hard work running this blog for us, Matt!

  5. Ryan... It doesn't look like the KC was ever a pax hauler... It was built from scratch by Boeing and nicknamed the "Frankentanker" because of its hodgepodge of parts and assemblies...