Monday, November 7, 2011

Paine Field November 7

747-8I RC003 departing on a nine hour flight.

A 787 nose was unloaded from N718BA this morning.

Boeing flightline.

* * * *

VHF radio and selcal checks (HM-BQ) were conducted on 747-8F RC575 this morning.


  1. Is N5020K doing F&R testing? Thought they finished testing for the -8i last week.

  2. @Justin: There is lots of additional post-certification testing to be done, although I don't know exactly what. One of the 747-8F test aircraft is still flying, too.

    Matt, do you know anything about the status of rework being done in SAT? When does Boeing expect the four frames back in KPAE?
    Thanks for the blog, btw, great work!