Sunday, July 31, 2011

Air India 787 First Flight

A flight plan has been filed for ZA233, Air India 787 VT-AND. Proposed departure time to Grant County Airport is 11:11 AM. The weather is not looking good for a B1 flight though.

BOEING 233 off Paine at 12:46 PM. They are working a flap problem and may be returning to Paine Field shortly.

12:55 PM: BOEING 233 has just declared an emergency, returning to Paine Field for a flight control problem. The 787 landed safely at 1:12 PM.


  1. Nice work Matt. We're 25mi. N @ Warm Beach... saw him turn back in heavy clouds. Engines sounded smooth as silk.

    Take a pix. of those big weights on wings in-lue of engines?

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