Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paine Field July 29

EIA5121 N780BA inbound from Glasgow.

Boeing Fire gives N780BA a water cannon salute to mark the last LCF flight with an Evergreen Aviation crew. Cargo of horizontal stabilizers remained on the airplane tonight.

ANA 787 JA804A has just been moved from the tent at stall 116 to ATS Hangar 3.

China Cargo B-2078 delivery flight to Shanghai.


  1. How many "JA804A"s are there? One in ATS3 and another one (LN8) in the final assembly line?
    And wehere's JA805A that was assumed to be in the tent since March 25?

  2. There are 2 JA804A's presumably one will change to another rego.

    LN12 JA805A has been on the flightline the whole time.